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Central Pulse, Netball Central Zone Inc is a NZ Incorporated Society. For the purposes of sales the currency is
shown in New Zealand dollars and is shown including GST of 15% (other fees and charges may be applied by
your bank, card issuer or other party).

1. Meaning of Terms
1.1 Definitions:
1.1.1 'Member' means the person who holds a Central Pulse Membership and whose name needs not be recorded on the Membership Card and for the purpose of any entitlements is limited to one person per Membership.
1.1.2 'Membership' means one of the categories referred to in paragraph 1.2.
1.1.3 'Membership Card' means a Ticket that is issued by Central Pulse in respect of normally home matches at TSB Arena, Te Rauparaha Arena and Fly Palmy Arena, Palmerston North. and typically is issued in respect of a series of matches at these venues.
1.1.4 'Membership Card Holder' means a person who uses a Membership Card for entry to the game on the relevant day.
1.1.5 'Person' means and includes an individual and an incorporated body such as by way of example, but not limited to, a company and a society.
1.1.6 'Primary Account Holder' means a person:
· who purchases a Membership from Central Pulse; and
· to whom correspondence about the Membership will be addressed; and
· who is recorded by Central Pulse as having the right to exercise specific rights attaching to the Membership
(e.g. any right of renewal or priority (if any) granted in respect of that Membership); and who is entitled to entry to the game if the person is the bearer of the Membership Card.
1.1.7 'Secondary Account Holder' means a person who is a Membership Card Holder but who is not a Primary Account Holder in respect of that Membership.
1.1.8 'Stadium' means TSB Arena in Wellington, Te Rauparaha Arena and Fly Palmy Arena Palmerston North, which ever stadium is relevant to your membership purchase.
1.1.9 'Ticket' means the item of proof of payment issued by the Central Pulse to a person on conditions to allow a person entry to attend a match hosted, organised or managed by the Central Pulse.
1.1.10 'Ticket Holder' means a person who uses a Ticket for entry to the stadium on the relevant day.

1.1.11 Central Pulse means Netball Central Zone Inc - in respect of netball within the zone;
1.2 Categories of Membership
1.2.1 A Central Pulse 'Season Membership' means a Membership that admits to either stadium for:
· Central Pulse round robin games in 2022; Which is classified into Adult, Child, or Family
1.2.2 ‘Central Pulse Child Membership means a Membership that admits children 15 years and under.
1.2.3 Central Pulse Adult Membership means a Membership that admits adults 16 years and over.

2. Key Terms and Conditions
2.1 Central Pulse shall determine in its discretion the closing dates for orders and whether Membership Cards become available.
2.2 Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 Subject to compliance with the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, Membership Cards and Tickets cannot be exchanged, refunded or returned after purchase except at the discretion of Central Pulse.
2.3 Rights of Primary Account Holder, Membership Card Holder and Ticket Holder All Membership Cards and Tickets are issued by Central Pulse on the strict condition that all Primary Account Holders, Membership Card Holders and Ticket Holders must comply at all times with all of these Terms and Conditions. Subject to compliance with these Terms and Conditions, the Primary Account Holder or Membership Card Holder or Ticket Holder is entitled to entry to stadium for the match or matches for which the Membership Card or Ticket relates.
2.5 Limited Exception to Prohibition on Transfer of Memberships Central Pulse will allow Primary Account Holders to authorise Central Pulse to issue some or all of their Memberships to new Primary Account Holders nominated by them. This is specifically to allow those Primary Account Holders, who have historically purchased several Memberships, to transfer the responsibility and rights in those Memberships to persons who use those Memberships who will then themselves become the Primary Account Holders.
2.6 Limitation of Member Benefits Central Pulse reserves the right to specify where Member benefits are subject to limited capacity. No liability will rest with Central Pulse where a Member benefit is unable to be provided due to capacity being exceeded or lounge being unavailable for any reason. The provision of some Member benefits will be reliant on mutual agreement between Central Pulse and the Primary Account Holder. Both parties must communicate in good faith to establish a suitable time for the provision of such Member benefits.
2.7 Maximum Number of Tickets or Memberships Central Pulse reserves the right to specify a maximum number of Memberships or Tickets that any person may purchase.
2.8 Scalping of Membership Card or Ticket not permitted Membership Cards and Tickets cannot be resold at a premium (scalped) nor used for advertising, promotional or other commercial purposes (including competitions or trade promotions) or to enhance the demand for other goods or services without prior written consent of Central Pulse. Subject to the above restrictions, you can sell your Membership Cards or Tickets to another person for its face value (or less) but any purchaser is also bound by these Terms and Conditions. This is not scalping.
2.9 Missing or Damaged Membership Cards and Tickets When advised that the Membership Cards have been damaged, lost or stolen, Central Pulse will cancel those cards. Use of Membership Cards that have been reported as damaged, lost or stolen may result in prosecution. There is a $25 fee for the replacement of each damaged, lost or stolen Membership Card. If a paper ticket for any event has been damaged, lost or stolen, the Ticket Holder may request cancellation of the ticket and issue of a replacement ticket. A fee of $10 will apply for each booking. Tickets may be void and entry refused if the ticket is damaged or defaced in any way or if Central Pulse reasonably believes that the ticket has been acquired in breach of these Terms and Conditions.
2.10 Privacy Act statement Information about the Primary and Secondary Account Holders of the Membership is gathered and stored by Central Pulse in accordance with the Privacy Act for the administration of the
Membership which includes sending electronic messages specific to Membership benefits, offers, promotions or marketing. In addition, purchase of the Membership constitutes authorisation to Central Pulse to send electronic messages based upon your profile and interests. By providing your email and details you are expressly consenting to receiving recurring news, promotions, marketing, e-newsletters and electronic messages from Central Pulse (as the authorising person) about Central Pulse, ANZ Premiership and Netball New Zealand include Silver Ferns, Central Pulse, ANZ Premiership and Netball New Zealand and Sponsors. You have the right of access to, and right of correction of your personal information by contacting Central Pulse. Provision of this information is a condition of purchasing a Membership with Central Pulse.
2.11 Changes to Matches Central Pulse reserves the right to vary, substitute, reschedule, or withdraw advertised matches and events and may cancel, interrupt, or stop any match or the event due to safety considerations or circumstances beyond its control. Should a match stop or event be cancelled due to safety concerns or circumstances beyond control occur, no refunds will be made. A $2 admin fee for any refunds granted will be charged for the resource required to action this.

3. Behaviour and Entry to and Right to Remain in stadium
You must comply with the Conditions of both Central Pulse and each stadium. These include but are not limited to:
3.1 Compulsory QR Code scanning and/or recording of personal information specific to Covid19 requirements prior to entry.
3.2 Patron and Bag Searches It is a condition of the sale of every Membership and ticket and of entry to and presence in the stadium that each Member and Ticket Holder agrees to and permits the search and inspection of any parcel, bag, garment or other item in their possession or worn by them. The purpose of a search is to locate prohibited items, which may be confiscated or may result in refusal of entry or removal from the stadium until such items are removed. If a person refuses to be searched or refuses to remove prohibited items from Central Pulse, such person will not be permitted to enter or remain in the stadium. Such searches as outlined below may be undertaken by any gatekeeper, ticket seller, usher or other staff member or official of Central Pulse or stadium staff.
· All patrons and their possessions may be subject to searches before entering the stadiums.
· Searches may also be carried out during an event and when leaving the stadium.
· Patrons who refuse to participate in searches may be denied entry to the stadiums or may be asked to leave the venue.
· All vehicles entering and leaving the stadium carpark may be searched.
· Prohibited items will be confiscated.
3.3 Playing Surface
· Patrons are not allowed on the playing area before or during the sports event. However you are allowed after sports events once security has advised it is safe to do so. Breach of this rule will result in eviction, and issue of trespass notice.

3.4 Patrons may be refused entry to the stadium if they:
· Refuse to provide contact information and/or don't scan the QR code required, that is specific to Covid19 requirements
·Appear intoxicated/under the influence of drugs or exhibit disorderly behavior
· Fail to comply with security or gate staff requests
· Attempt to bring in prohibited items
· Have been previously issued with a trespass notice that still applies
· Are not authorised to be in the stadium, for example have no valid ticket, Membership Card or accreditation pass

3.4 Patrons will be asked to leave the stadium if they:
· Use obscene language
· Are verbally or physically abusive, or behave in a disorderly or offensive manner
· Are intoxicated
· Are carrying out unauthorised activities within the stadium
· Throw items in the air or onto the court (including during Mexican waves)
· Fail to comply with these Terms and Conditions
3.5 Restrictions on Patrons bringing food and drink items:
· Plastic water bottles up to 1 litre in size are permitted.
· The items must be contained in one small bag per Ticket Holder or Member (bag must be soft-sided and fit under your seat)
· Empty plastic water bottles may be filled in stadium from the water outlet located at the bottom of the stairs in the foyer. The one litre size restriction applies.
3.6 Patrons may not bring into the stadium:
· Alcohol or any beverages other than water
· Thermos flasks
· Glass bottles or cans
· Hot food
· Commercially produced takeaway foods such as McDonalds, KFC, Subway, pizza etc.
· Chilly bins, picnic baskets or large bags
· Illicit drugs
· Sound amplifiers including loud hailers
· Musical instruments
· Recording devices for commercial purposes
· Dogs or other pets (guide dogs are permitted)
· Flares, fireworks, laser pointers
· Knives or other dangerous weapons
· Skateboards, roller blades, scooters or bicycles
· Chairs of any kind
· Flag poles of more than one metre in length
· Signs or banners that are obscene, offensive or abusive
· Any other item that the stadium management determines may cause injury or public nuisance or inconvenience to any other person

3.7 Smoking
· There is no smoking in the stadium
· Smoking is allowed only in designated areas which is outside
3.8 General
· For the safety and security of patrons, surveillance cameras are in use throughout the stadium
· Patrons must not sit or stand in aisles, or block entry doors or emergency exits.
· Some sporting and other activities are dangerous. Patrons viewing such activities do so at their own risk.
· There are no pass outs. At some events, exit turnstiles may operate allowing re-entry with a valid ticket.
· Clothing must conform to reasonable standards of decency
· Radios, CDs, may be used only with earphones
· Cameras, videos, tape recorders and other recording devices may be prohibited for certain events
· Patrons bring personal items into the stadium at their own risk. The venue will not be held responsible for any damages to, loss or theft of a patron’s personal property.
· Advertising promotions and product giveaways etc are not permitted on the stadium property, unless expressly authorised by the stadium in writing. Any unauthorised product giveaways may be confiscated.
· No alcohol is to be removed from the stadium.
· You may be photographed or video tapped in the stadium. Central Pulse reserves the right to use these photos or video for marketing purposes without your consent.
3.9 Courtesy to Other Persons
Your Membership or ticket can be revoked by Central Pulse for what it considers to be abusive, dangerous, intoxicated or inappropriate behaviour by the Member, Ticket Holder or seat occupant. All Members and Ticket Holders are required to act in a manner, which is not discourteous to other persons in the stadium. Persons expect to attend the relevant match without undue interruption or interference such as from abuse or harassment from others, unreasonable impairment of their sight lines or being subjected to thrown objects, liquids or substances.
3.10 Process to Address Discourteous Behaviour
If you are the subject of discourteous behaviour at the stadium, you can address the matter. Therefore, you should record the seat number of the person who in your opinion is responsible for the discourteous behaviour and then record the details and then notify Central Pulse at the address set out in the contact section of these Terms and Conditions.
On the match day you can refer the issue to the information/security personnel located at front desk who can talk to the person concerned or involve the stadium Management or the Police as appropriate.
Remember we cannot stamp out discourteous behaviour unless you bring the matter to our attention.

3.11 Direction to Leave the stadium
Failure to comply with a direction to leave the stadium may render the Ticket Holder or Member liable to arrest
and prosecution for the offence of Trespass under S. 3 of the Trespass Act 1980. Such offence is punishable on
conviction by a fine not exceeding $1,000 or a term of imprisonment not exceeding three months.

3.12 Recording Equipment and Cameras
Unless otherwise advised by Central Pulse you may take a still photography camera into the stadium and take photographs with it.
You cannot take a video or movie camera and other visual or sound recording devices into the stadium. All photographs taken within the stadium before, during or after the event may not be used or reproduced for
commercial or financial gain by the Ticket Holder, Member or any other person without written consent of Central Pulse, which may be withheld for any reason whatsoever.
3.13 Withdrawal of Admission
Central Pulse reserves the right to refuse admission to, or withdraw admission in respect of any Member or Ticket Holder for any reason deemed appropriate by Central Pulse.
3.14 Family and Child Access
Central Pulse reserves the right to designate parts of the stadium as a Family Area or other designation. Children aged 2 and under are admitted free if they sit on the parent’s lap. Children aged 3 to 16 must have a Child Membership Card or ticket to enter the stadium
 4. Contact Details and Update of Terms
4.1 Contact Addresses and Phone Numbers
If you have a problem concerning a ticket or a Membership Card, please contact Central Pulse on 04 387 6005.
If you have a problem about someone’s behaviour at the stadium, please contact the stadium.
4.2 Amendment of these Terms and Conditions
Central Pulse may amend these Terms and Conditions at any time by recording changes on its website and such changes then take effect immediately.
5. Shipping
5.1 Your membership cards, will be processed and you will be required to pick them up, otherwise a $4.50 delivery fee will apply.
5.2 Your members gift will be available for collection from the members pick-up point at the stadium or advised via Email communication.